Zane Baker Benefit HOME Central Pennsylvania, Saturday March 2nd 2002. Zane Baker Benefit at the Tourist Inn, Hellam, PA. Hosted by 105.7X & Gen Shade, along with Al & Sandy of the Tourist Inn. The ideal weather for a show was not this day. It was not just raining, but drenching. Didn?t look as if it would be a very large turnout. However, the local fans in central PA didn't mind. By the time I got to the TI most of the parking lot was already full. We were soaked till we get to the door, but that is all right as the talent playing tonight was well worth it. Halestorm is a very closely-knit group. Liz Hale (18) is an outstanding singer, songwriter, keyboardist and occasional guitarist. With a very powerful voice young Liz just brings the audience alive waltzing into the crowd and singing right to the people. With a high energy and an obvious love for music, Liz brings it all together in a very professional way, which has stardom written all around her. Nate Myotte (also 18) is the lead guitarist. He is a true artist painting the air with music, as if his guitar were singing a duet with Liz. Roger Hale ?Vintage Bassist?, also father to Liz & Arejay, has been in the music industry for quite some time as you can tell by his professional manor. But Roger is stepping aside for the younger Halestorm generation and bringing in a new younger bassist. Scootch Frenchek (19) has some large shoes to fill taking over as bassist for Roger. I think Scootch is up for the challenge, though, with rhythm in his heart. Becoming one with his bass he uses his own style to keep the beat together. Arejay Hale (14) is soon to be 15 on April fools day. His natal star didn?t fall far evidenced by his zany ways, keeping everyone laughing and wondering what he will do next. To Arejay he?s just playing and having a good time. This young man is a natural and if you want to hear more just encourage him. You will hear a drum solo that is just exceptional. Halestorm provided a great start to an incredible evening of local talent. Scarred for Life with powerful music brings the crowd to frenzy. Their unique style rings through the crowded room. (Joey vocals, Erik guitar, Dave guitar, Jon bass and Chris percussions) Feltsideout once again amazed me with a highly energetic show. Theirs is music that is hard-core rock, reaching down to a Neanderthal level and bringing alive the basics. Jimi?s wild antics and his alluring vocals touch the crowd and bring it all together. Another great show by Feltsideout. Alien Sphinx thrashes metal with a touch of the weird. The Pit was hopping with everyone having a good time. Horror Technics hit the stage next. Their show lives up to their name - hard-core rock with an extra style exemplified by pyrotechnics effects, energetic stage performance and the ability to grab a hold of the crowd. AZATHOTH PIPER ?verbal assaults?, TOBYEGG ?guitar & special effects?, GWS ?guitar?, GELWICKS ?bass?, TWIST ?battery?, GOAT ?EFX & backup screaming? The floor was packed and the energy level high. Soveren continued the party with more original hard-core rock. Soveren, a veteran band with a large following and lots of talent, kept this show rocking till morning hours. Void Scream reunited just for this benefit. A little nervous at first, they then settled down and played their own brand of music, finalizing a terrific night of local bands playing for a good cause. Special thanks go to all the bands that played this benefit show. Also thanks to Gen Shade W/ 105.7X & The Tourist Inn for sponsoring the concert. MIKE @