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New Years 2004-5 Celebration
With Love Stomp! and Something Fluid

At Froggy's in Hershey Pa
A thief in the house at Froggy's in Hershey yes you heard me correctly a thief!!!
Amy K of Love Stomp! stole the show once again this time at the new Froggy's in Hershey. What a fantastic New Years celebration this turned out to be with Love Stomp! and Something Fluid. Amy K had the spotlight with her ability to woo the crowd with her voice. Something Fluid was the headlining band but the crowd wanted Amy K so the lead singer of Something Fluid had Amy K up on stage for part of their set also. Like any true star Amy K was born to be on stage and it was quite obvious! Love Stomp! did their usual great performance not only up on stage but they were out in the audience also, get the crowd involved. A true professional performance by the entire band, knowing how to get the crowd involved. Only one thing missing from this band and that is some original material. Yea Amy K we want some original songs from you!!! Everyone that I have talked to about Love Stomp! has the same opinion it's time to get your own songs out there.

Thanks Mike from HomeGrownBands team