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Second Annual Gift Of Music

The Gift of Music collects, restores and distributes instruments to programs and students who are unable to afford the

cost of renting or buying instruments of their own. The Bands that are involved with Gift if Music program give

their time and talent for free so all the money can go to the program.

Annual Gift of Music starts out at the Tourist Inn November 9th 2002. Sovern leads off with their usual upbeat style

of hard core music. Check out an original from Sovern "Time" found on 2002 Gift Of Music CD all proceeds go

to gift of Music. Sovern will be coming to Murph's other bar (York Pa) on the 16th of Nov and to the

Draft House (Hanover Pa) 21st of Dec.

Photovotiac next in line with only three members in the band made up for it with shear force.
Megan on vocals is a real screamer this Trio will be back.

Out of Boston Mass. came SuperKollider with "Resolution" (found on Gift of Music CD) thrashed the

house with their Hard Core Metal.

SuperKollider will be at Exit 23 Haverhill, MA on Nov 22 then on the 23rd at Copperfields Boston Ma.

The quiet evening was then interrupted by Skinned with their original "Rage" off both their CD "Push"

and Gift of Music 2002 CD.
Skinned a talented band out of central Pa always puts on a great show. Even when the Bass player

broke a string, the lead singer entertained with various vocal warm-ups.

Balistic psychedelic underground hard rock with originals like "Leave Me Alone" "Right Where You Want Me" also their own version of a country song

"You pissed me off"

Dave Fox vocals and bass guitar, Brian Kneasel lead guitar and backing vocals, Mike Bordner rhythem guitarist,

John Lohman drums. Out of central Pa is one of the areas leading Metal bands. Coming to

SANBAR-HUNTINGTON PA on the 16th of Nov then


O.D.I.U.M. a three piece heavy metal band with a great sound originals like" Roaches"
Dead Leaves followed with more Metal music Kris on vocals and guitar; Jay lead and guitar;

Jamie on bass and Rich with the drums
With originals like " President " "Reach out" and many more this is one awesome band

coming to STADIUM CLUB-POTTSVILLE PA on the 16th of Nov

and to The Silo-Reading Pa on the 29th of Nov extreme music in their own style

Spinebelt with a total disregard for following music trend has a unique sound of their own

With originals like "Losing all" (found on Gift of Music 2002 CD" "Army of One" "The Last Time"

"Buckle and Strap" and lots more "Pennsylvania Loud Rockers" as they are referred to

have a no covers policy they adhere to. Will be at The Silo in Reading on the 29th of Nov


Back to the Tourist Inn 14th of Dec (I will be at that show for sure)

Headlining the show and organizers NineTail one awesome band I've had the privilege of seeing a couple of times.

With originals like "Hollowman" "Cradled Lunacy" and many more.

Don Belch vocals and lead guitar, Chris Evan vocals and rhythem guitar,

Jose Cabrera on bass and Mark Koncki "thundering relentlessly on the drums "

NineTail from York Pa is a band that will hold your attention with their thundering musical style.

On the 22nd of Nov playing at the WHEELIE BAR-YORK PA and then back to the Tourist Inn 14th of Dec.

Thanks for an incredible day of outstanding music

Mike @ HomeGrownBnads