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Juiced at Grinders NightClub

Jan 23, 2003

Juiced and Grinders one of the area's hottest bands and club team up for an incredible show. Grinders is the ultimate spot for a band to play, with it's big city atmosphere and sound quality. If you have never been to Grinders it's in the basement of the Elizabethtown hotel located downtown. As you enter the club it's like being transformed, you can just feel the excitement of the nightclub style. As you come into the club there is some stairs to walk down and a couple of turns to make. So you feel like your going into a dungeon, then you walk into the club and it's like a secret hideaway hot spot. Check out their website at www.GrindersNightClub.net for more information and pictures. Then on top of that you add one of the hottest bands around Juiced, with female lead singer Carrie Rapoport. I really wasn't expecting them to start off with "Limp Bisket" "Break Stuff". Kewl I really liked the sound Carries vocals are extreme and the clarity is there. Covers from "Jimmy Eat World" to "Pink" and anything in between with style and crispness' like you would hear off a well mastered CD. With a voice like Carrie's and the acoustics of Grinders makes for an intense sound. The rest of the band all seasoned veterans of the music scene. Beth Karpovich on bass, Don Carr on drums, Norm Marks on guitar w/ vocals, Doug Buch keyboards w/vocals. Mark came up front and sang at times "It was the summer of 69" can you hear the song? I'm sorry that was for people that were at the show they know what I mean. :) And for those of you that missed this show sorry!! , don't miss Juiced next time they are playing in your area. They will be at Sloppy Joes in Key West FL for a couple weeks then back to Pa check them out at Fat Daddy's York Pa on the 21st of February. Check out some of the pictures from the show. And don't forget to check out Grinders Night Club in Elizabethtown. Going there is the only way you can find out how good the shows are there. Hearing is believing, it has that big city night club effect.
Thanks for a great show

Mike from HomeGrownBands team