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Paddywak, Lowjack and Stept on

Tourist Inn. Jan 18th 2003

Give a dog a bone yea right what kind of name is Paddwak, this zany band

runs around with their wooden Tiki god. You would think they were in their

backyard just goofing off. That is except for their music, this band might

be a little off the cuff but their sound is great. Tad on vocals has a crisp

clean sound and a good range doing a great job on their covers. Backed

up by Justin on bass (he has trouble keeping his feet on the ground) with

so much energy, you would think he was on a trampoline. Dave on

drums just thrashing away in the back. I guess that's how he relieves

his stress from the "day job" having fun and keeping the beat.

Then you have Todd on lead guitar "the serious musician" using his

instrument like another voice singing a duet with Tad. Check out

some of the pictures it was a great show Paddwak will be coming to

Crocodile Rock Allentown Pa January 31st 2002, Rivertowne Lounge

Wrightsville Pa. on February 1st then February 7th Glad Crab

Dallastown Pa. Lets give them some support! Also check

out an original by Paddywak "Haven"

Lowjack came on next this is a really good "original" band out of

the Philadelphia area. Check out their songs "Hollow" and "Needle"

off of their "lowjack enhanced ep" doing covers is not Lowjacks thing

but they have enough really good material of their own that they don't

have too. Kevin Diehl on vocals has a great voice and good stage

performance. Backed up by Jack Gillespie on lead guitar alongside

bassist McClintock and drummer Andre Calilhanna. All seasoned

members of the music industry, Lowjack is a leader in the original

music scene. Catch them at Millenium Music Conference showcase

on February 15th 2003 at Gullifty's Harrisburg Pa 9:00 pm. An original

band that has good listenable lyrics and all around good quality sound!

Stept On an outstanding band out of central Pa do a great job on

their covers and also have some good originals off their "Lonely CD"

like" Lonely" "Drowning" and "Voices In My Head". Stept On has been

on stage with some big name bands and have gathered a nice following

of their own. With their "raw energy" talent and ability to play a variety

of styles gives Stept On a really good stage show that people just love

to come and see. Stept On will be at the Crowbar in State College Pa

the 22nf of January and The Cellblock , Williamsport Pa on the 23rd

of January 2003. Check out their original songs and some of the

pictures taken at the Tourist Inn.

Thanks for a really great night of good music and to Shel from

Blackthorn Entertainment for bringing this show together!

Mike from HomeGrownBands team