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Goodfella's grand opening with Shivers, Zyris and Fire house
GOODFELLA'S-POTTSVILLE PA grand opening with SHIVERS, ZYRIS and FIREHOUSE was an extremely fantastic party! It is about an hour and a half drive from York to Pottsville but it was worth the drive. We got there early because I wanted to check things out some before the show started. Even though we were early Goodfella's was already kickin', and the staff was directing traffic into the parking lots. So we got in line and went through metal detection and ID checks (very professional and courteous staff) even though the staff were making sure everything was in order and safe, they were friendly and helpful to everyone. Lots of times when going through security checks at clubs you can feel intimidated like your a criminal or something, but not with this staff they did a professional job but still mad you feel welcome. This impressed me right away but not as much as when I walked into the club! A very large club with a giant mural with some of music's greats on the side wall. (check out some of the pictures you'll see what I mean) We introduced ourselves to the staff and were immediately treated as VIP's shown around the club and given access to the upstairs balcony area for bands, friends and family members. Since we had some time before Shivers started we nosed around to check out the club more, and got to talk to several people including INTENSIVE CARE UNIT a band out of the southern Pennsylvania and Maryland area. Captain Morgan was there with his crew and the Captain was flowing. Check out their pictures in full costumes (nice vehicle too)

SHIVERS came onto the stage with a roar from the large crowd and Shivers went with it to put on one of the best shows ever. Shivers is an excellent band to begin with added with the crowd enthusiasm and it was one of those extraordinary events that you just had to be there to enjoy. Rob's voice was at it's peak doing the high end vocals of our favorite 80's songs, and this crowd was hanging on every note. Kevin and Gunner professionals on guitars together like twins in the air bringing the music alive. Switching back and forth with guitar extreme riffs. Added with the bottom on bass and the showmanship of their drummer, making this an all around fantastic show!
ZYRIS was next in line with their usual zany performance, John out front always puts on an unusual show doing their own style of 80's music. Adding their own originals to keep the crowd going.
FIREHOUSE stated out their show with the crowd already in a frenzy and they just kept it all alive. Doing all the old Firehouse tunes we all love and enjoy, adding in some of their new original tunes. CJ has a voice and performance that keeps a crowd tweaking and tonight was no exception. With songs like "Reach for the Sky" "When I look into your eyes" "Don't treat me bad" and one of my favorites "Love of a Lifetime" enveloping the audience with their music. One of my all time favorite bands Firehouse once again thank you for a great treat!
All in all Goodfella's Grand Opening was a fantastic hit, great club and great music! Thank you so much for a great party!

Thanks for a truly great show Mike from HomeGrownBands team

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