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June 19th Thunderdome Baltimore MD

VINCE NEIL headlines with JJRODD as opener

I have always been a Motley Crue fan and to me Vince Neil's voice was the heart of Motley Crue. And last night was not disappointing going through the pages of history it did not matter who was behind Vince Neil he is a professional and it shows. The music was alive in the Thunderdome, no one else can sing like the real Vince Neil was a really great show!

But there was a thief at the Thunderdome JJRODD was the culprit! Completely overwhelming the Thunderdome with their extremely high energy, and magic ability to entice the crowd with their music. Heath their roady and life time friend to most of the band was one of the main instigators in the crowd driving them into an intense frenzy. Kory Garrison (lead singer) had the crowd in an emotional uproar singing songs by Godsmack, Static X, Disturbed, Rob Zombie and many more. Keeping the house in a constant state utopia and energy level that threatened to pull the walls of the Thunderdome down. Donnie Rush (with his strange alien eyes is Donnie really from this planet?) keeping everything down with his base ripping into the music. (Donnie's quote " How I deal with all the angry frustrations that are in life I relieve my tension in my music remembering the idiot that cut me off earlier releasing my frustrations with the intensity of my playing".) The other part of the bottom Joe Glackin beating out the rhythm with his sticks. A never ending barrage keeping everyone together. Dave Hudson and Roger Funk on guitars and backup vocals. JJRODD truly stole the show this was a JJRODD house all the way everywhere you looked you seen JJRODD and their followers are not quiet.

With all the high energy and mass amount of people there the staff at Thunderdome never had a doubt. Always in control and alert even when the entire floor became a mosh pit they never had a problem. Always courteous but still in control the Thunderdome staff are professionals, good job and thanks for a great evening.